Welcome to The Glaven Valley Benefice

Thoughts from the Rectory

 for July 2024

Rev Richard Lawry

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I’m retiring at the end of July, so this will be my final “Thoughts from the Rectory.” It’s a strange feeling, and a poignant moment. Brenda and I have had the most wonderful five years here in the Glaven Valley. It was an unusual start to our time here, with Covid striking nine months after we arrived, and the subsequent lock-downs. We all had to adapt, and learn new ways of living and communicating. But one of the things that was underlined for me during that time (as it has been ever since) was what amazing villages these are, and what fantastic communities. It was inspiring how people came together to support each other in inventive ways during a period of uncertainty and need.

We are deeply grateful to everyone here for the wonderful ways you have supported us in our ministry here. It’s significant that the churches are held in such great affection in our five villages, and even for those who don’t normally attend services, I know that our churches are seen to have a central role in our communities. I’m sure that that support will continue, and it’s one of the reasons why I’m leaving with a sense of confidence in the future of this benefice. I hope, too, that more people will become part of the church and get more involved in the wonderful things that are going on. It’s extraordinary how vibrant our churches here are, in terms of the variety of services offered – from BCP Communion to Café Church – and all the social and cultural things that take place in these beautiful and historic buildings, and the various initiatives reaching out into the community.

We’re here for a full month after this magazine will have dropped on your door-step, with our last service on Sunday 28th July, in Blakeney Church at 11.00, to which of course, as ever, all are very welcome. But this is our opportunity to say to all of you in the wider community “farewell and thank you!” We have been greatly blessed to have spent this last part of our full-time ministry together here amongst you, and we are grateful to God, and to all of you!

With our prayers and blessing for your future,

Richard & Brenda.