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Wiveton – Church Life & Events

A Church for all the community

Wiveton has a wonderful legacy of being a vibrant heart of the community. Its renowned all age services on Christmas Morning and Easter Day attract families from far and wide and the church is similarly packed for the Carol Service traditionally led by the Iceni Choir.

Many social and community events are organised in collaboration with Friends of Wiveton Church.


Wiveton is the only church in the Benefice with bells. There are 6 bells in the tower – the largest bell weighing just over 11 hundredweight (just over half a ton).

The bells were all cast by William Dobson in 1809 and are hung in a timber frame.  This makes the bells a little challenging to ring at times, especially in the cold weather, but the rewarding beautiful sound makes it well worth the effort!

They are rung from the ground floor of the tower so if you visit when the “Holt & Wiveton Bellringers” are in action, you’ll be able to witness and hear the wonderful effect!  The bells are rung usually once a month and for festivals and special occasions.

For further information contact Ad Clifton, Tower Captain of the Holt & Wiveton Bellringers on 07774 301407 or [email protected]