Welcome to The Glaven Valley Benefice

The Rectors of The Benefice

Date Rector
1319 Hubert de Stanham
1361 Walter Russell
1364 Nicholas Cobald
1390 Willam de Beningholm
1400 John de Gunthorpe
1524 John Wyat
1565 Vincentius Goodwyn
1600 Vincent Goodwyn
1646 Richard Allyson
1660 Robert Loude
1670 Joseph Ward
1736 John Girdlestone
1764 Robert Thomlinson
1802 Richard Gough
1804 John Morphew
1824 Robert Moore
1828 Charles Collyer
1830 Charles Codd
1852 Hugh Bishop
1859 Thomas Bewsher
1878 John Blackmore
1884 Everett Bishop
1898 Everett J. Bishop
1923 Gilbert Bartlett
1935 Charles Toft
1958 Arthur Gamble
1975 Clifford Bishop, Bishop

(Priest in charge)
1978 David Maurice, Canon
1989 Nicholas Martin
1998 Philip Norwood, Canon

History of the Rectors

There were rectors of the Benefice for at least a century before this roll begins with Hubert de Stanham. In the Patent Rolls of King Henry III for the years 1225 Alexander de Bassingburn was made rector of Cley juxta Mare.

In 1523 the church was staffed by a rector, a parish priest and two chaplains. Today the rector serves five parishes, (the Glaven Association of Parishes consisting of Blakeney, Cley, Wiveton, Glandford and Letheringsett). The rectory is in Blakeney.