Information on and about the Churches in the Glaven Valley Benefice

New Pastoral Team


As Churches of the Glaven Valley Benefice, we’ve set up a new Pastoral Team. This exists to respond to need in our villages for pastoral or spiritual support. One of the team will be glad to visit, if you or someone you know is having problems. If the need is for more professional or practical help, we may be able to refer people on. Below are the names and contact details of those on the team (the phone prefix is 01263 unless otherwise stated). Please feel free either to phone Richard or one of the assistant clergy or lay ministers for guidance, or any other member of the team direct: Rev Richard Lawry (Rector) – 740686 Rev Jo Fawcett (Assistant Clergy) – 01328-830415 Rev Claude Scott (Assistant Clergy) – 740573 Roger Bland (Lay Minister) – 740806 Penny Thewlis (Lay Minister) – 715667 Jill Hackford – 740616 Liz Jackson – 740679 Alison Jewell – 740754 Clare Marris – 740260 Judy Pegden – 741497