Information on and about the Churches in the Glaven Valley Benefice

The Glaven Valley Benefice – Rector’s Letter

I hope it will be of interest and helpful for people to know about the new Pastoral Team we’ve set up in the churches of the Glaven Valley.  Please see the information and contact details in the box elsewhere in this edition.  The idea is that, although this is organised and monitored by the 5 churches, we would like to be there for anyone who might need us, whether or not you attend church.  As we know, there are plenty of other excellent organisations and groups who assist people in our communities in a number of ways, including medical, domestic, recreational and practical.

We hope to be complimenting what already exists by offering pastoral or spiritual support when it’s needed.  There are a number of us on the team, and any of us are happy to be contacted direct, unless you’d rather get hold of me or someone else on our ministry team in particular……whatever is helpful for you, or someone you may be concerned about.

On another tack, by the time you read this, the season of Lent will be underway (Ash Wednesday being 26th February this year).  We’re running a number of extra things in Lent, including a Lent Course called “Superstar”, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” and drawing on some themes from that show.  These sessions are based around audio presentations and discussions on issues raised.  They will be at Blakeney Methodist Church on Wednesday evenings from 4th March onwards, from 6.00-7.30pm.  All are very welcome to drop in to any or all of those.

I’m writing this the day after Storm Ciara hit this country and did so much damage.  Goodness knows what season the weather will be in when March starts, but I wish you all a very happy Springtime when it comes!


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