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The Glaven Valley Benefice – Monthly Letter

In the business of organising and running the church parish affairs it is very easy to forget why we are doing it. Most of the work is carried out by volunteers who give of their time freely, for which we are very grateful, but why do they do it?

The early part of November this year has been particularly busy as three main events occurred in close proximity to each other.

Now that the Benefice is in a vacancy we have started the long process of selecting our new Rector, one important aspect of which is to agree a document called a Parish Profile that sets out the needs of the Benefice together with descriptions of the five parishes and their activities. It has taken over a month to put that together and we are required to have a joint meeting of all the five PCCs to finally agree that document as well as to make various other formal decisions relating to advertising the post. By working closely together we achieved that task at a meeting on 7th November relatively smoothly which now means we can move on to the next stage.

Sunday 11th November was a very special day with many events taking part to mark the 100 years since the armistice was signed which brought the First World War to an end. Here in Blakeney we had our Act of Remembrance organised by the British Legion at the village war memorial followed by the parade to the church and the service which followed. It was a very special service with readings and prayers enhanced by two ‘there but not there’ silhouettes in the pews and a life-size Tommy cut-out. Also in the church was an exhibition put together by Blakeney Historical Society of archive photos and documents showing the effect that the war had on the village and the families that lived here. In the late afternoon the Kelling Consort performed music in memory of those who fell in the First World War together with poetry readings. Finally on Mariner’s Hill a beacon was lit at 7.00 pm and two of us climbed the church tower and at 7.05 pm rang the bell 100 times to mark the centenary of the armistice. On what was a beautiful clear night we could hear the bells of Wiveton church in the distance. All of this was achieved by volunteers in the village working hard to make it a success.

But between these two activities we had our monthly breakfast on 9th November at Blakeney Church, which on this occasion was attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury together with Bishop Graham, Bishop Jonathon and our Archdeacon Ian. It proved very popular and the Archbishop put on an apron and served breakfast to the children from the school.

We thanked the Archbishop for honouring us with his visit and said to him what an encouragement it will be for us and our volunteers. In reply he asked us a challenging question. How would you respond to someone who asks you, why are you doing this?

The ‘strapline’ on our website says “Sharing God’s love in our village community”

Chris Wheeler