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The Glaven Valley Benefice – Rector’s Letter

I’m writing this just before the General I’m writing this just before the General Election….. which has given me the opportunity to reflect on the idea of uncertainty!  By the time you read this, the shape of things to come will be, we hope, a lot clearer.  But right now, the only certainty is that, however the election goes, many voters will be pleased with the outcome, and many will be disappointed.  Right now, everything is unknown.

How do you feel about future uncertainty?  Do you find it exciting or unnerving?  I love surprises (surprise parties or visits, for example), but of course not all surprises are enjoyable.  In life we never know for certain what’s round the corner, and sometimes life can deal us a blow that takes some recovering from.

This new year, like every other, is bound to be sprinkled with surprises – good and bad – and with uncertainty.  And seasoned with change – some of it planned!  As far as church life goes, for example, as mentioned last month, we’re changing the service pattern a little in our churches in the Glaven Valley Benefice.  Do please see elsewhere the schedule of services for the month, and the new services and times that will affect some of them.  I hope that there’ll be no uncertainty about what will be happening when!…. but more importantly, I hope that there will be a few pleasant surprises in there for many of us.  The two completely new services happening in January are both incidentally on the 19th.  Morning Prayer at Letheringsett (9.30am) and Café Church at Cley (11.15).  They are both new ingredients in what we hope is a healthy, varied diet across the benefice!  Please do come along and give these new services a try.  Everyone is always very welcome.  How about starting the new year by trying something new?

Benjamin Franklin famously said that “in this world nothing is certain except death and taxes”.  To which I would always add “and God’s love for us”.  You may be approaching this 2020 with excitement or with apprehension.  Probably a mixture of the both.  My hope is that we can continue to support each other in times of celebration and disappointment, encourage each other through uncertainty, and maybe embrace a bit of novelty.

Wishing you a very happy New Year, with plenty of nice surprises!

rector letter